When to Buy a House for Cash

When should you avoid a mortgage and buy a house for cash? Well, it depends on the relationship between the investment and mortgage interest rates and on how disposable income is managed. Suppose a woman named “Lauren” wants to buy a $200,000 house and she has $300,000 in savings and $2,000/month in disposable income. In our example, Lauren has two options: she can either buy the house for cash; or, take out a fifteen-year, 4%, no fee $180,000 mortgage. The latest development by City Developments Limited is Penrose Sims Drive at Aljunied MRT Station. Please see Penrose site and floor plans and the financial options here.

So, which option should Lauren choose? First, calculate her future net worth at the end of the period in question, for each of the given scenarios. Use a period of fifteen years, assuming she either pays off her loan at the end of fifteen years or stays in the house for fifteen years following her cash payment.

Lauren’s net worth in fifteen years, if paying cash for her house, is $987,697. A 4% mortgage and investment rate and a 3% yearly increase in property value are assumed. We arrive at Lauren’s net worth by calculating and totaling the future values of her $2,000/month disposable income, invested monthly ($492,181), the $100,000 left over from her home purchase ($182,030) and of her house ($313,486).

If Lauren takes the mortgage, her end net worth is the same as if she had just paid cash for the house. While her mortgage payment cuts her monthly disposable income down to $669, she only had to initially spend $20,000 out of $300,000 to secure the house. So, the future value of Lauren’s disposable income, invested monthly, is $164, 526; the future value of her $280,000 savings is $509,684; and her house’s value at the end of fifteen years is $313,486. Adding these three values up, we find that her end net worth is $987, 697.

Here’s where differing mortgage and investment interest rates come in. If the investment rate is lower than the mortgage rate, Lauren loses money with a mortgage and should buy the house for cash. An example is if she gets a 4% mortgage when the investment rate is 2%. This would give her an end net worth of $831,558. Inversely, if the investment rate is higher than the mortgage rate, she benefits from taking the mortgage. This is what happens if the investment rate is 8% and the mortgage rate is 4%; her final net worth is $1,470,772. However, interest earned on investments is taxed, while mortgage interest paid can be deducted from your taxable income. This can sometimes make getting a mortgage a more attractive option.
A final important consideration involves how disposable income is used. These calculations assume that, in both scenarios, all disposable income is invested. If, in both cases, all disposable income is spent, Lauren’s end net worth is twice as high when she gets a mortgage than when she just pays cash.…

Released New 2020 Tax Brackets for Property Purchase


The continuation of a nation and the economic development that the nation earmarks are driven by the ability of the government to generate income through both local and foreign taxation. A noble tax payer understands the logic behind hefty taxation in the country, but most of the contributors have no rough idea of how taxation works. The Internal Revenue Service welcomes the year 2020 with updates to the tax codes in which case they included limits on higher-income earners to cover the inflation that will determine the tax to pay while filing the returns in 2021. This will affect for loan amount for property purchase.

The newly released tax brackets will impact future tax bills in various ways. When rounded to the nearest dollar, a single filer earning up to $9875 will pay a total of 10%, 12% will apply to a range between $9876 to $40125 in that margin. For the married couples filing their returns jointly, the minimum a total earning of $19750 may file is 10%, 12% in the earning ranging $19751 to $80250 and the range follows that pattern up to 37% in a total income of over $622,050. The married couples filing their returns separately will start with a 10% filing in the earnings up to $9875, 12% in the earning ranging between $9876 to $40 125, and the distribution runs in that manner up to 37% in any earning over $311,025.the tax bracket will equally hit on the heads of the household in which case any household head earning up to $14,101 will be liable to a total tax of 10% and 37% when the earnings are above $518, 400.

The 2020 tax bracket is a subject that demands an in-depth understanding of the taxation pattern in which case the United States operates under a progressive tax system. The tax rate per employer increases with an increase in their earnings. The income that falls under a given tax bracket is taxed under the corresponding rate.

It is also crucial t note that tax brackets can only apply to taxable income in which case what is left above the taxable income is not taxed. the taxpayers should also understand the critical difference between marginal and effective tax rate brackets. While the marginal tax rate is the highest tax rate payable by an individual, the effective tax rate is the average tax amount that one pays out of all the income earned.

In essence, it is crucial for all taxpayers to understand where they fall in terms of the tax brackets and what they are liable to file at the end of every financial year. While this understanding will guarantee compliance with the revenue authority, it will also be a parameter in checking the appending behaviour.…

Personal Loan is Riskier than You think it is

Nowadays, you can get a loan for almost everything. Whether you want to go for a vacation, do a wedding or even Christmas shopping, numerous banks are willing to give you a reasonable loan. At times the name of the loans might vary. But all that you should know is that they are the same product.

You might have heard many people referring to these loans as a smart tool for high interest. It is good to keep in mind that personal loans can be used to pay for almost everything. Have you been looking for funds to renovate your kitchen? Do you want to take your family for a Christmas vacation to Everest? Be guaranteed that there is a loan for that.

Are you aware that multiple Americans struggle to cover their expenses? Actually, that is the main reason why personal loans are very attractive to small scale consumers. Have you been paying much attention to lenders? In that case, you can agree with me that indeed they have been pushing personal loans as a method of funding big-ticket.

You can attest that with a personal loan, it is possible to finance everything. Normally, personal loans were designed to help individuals pay one-time expenses. In short, people prefer personal loans simply because they satisfy their desires for immediate gratification.

Do you know that you will get an individual sense of security when you obtain a personal loan that easily pays for an expensive event? Although they are big at that particular time, you will be left paying for the loan for years. You will have added another evitable burden to your life. Do you know how personal loans become the fastest growing form of lending today?

Usually, personal loans account for a small share of consumer debt. In fact, they represent less than 1%. What makes up the majority of consumer debt? Mortgages have been known for very many years to affect consumer debt. From a personal view, personal loans have been growing at a fast rate for the last couple of years. In fact, they can’t be compared to any other type of loan. With that in mind, you can imagine how personal loans will grow in 2020.

What does the booming personal loan industry mean to the economy? It might be a clear sign that the economy is improving. Over the years, personal loans companies have been targeting individuals with extremely low credit scores. Many institutions have been known to brag about their high approval rate. In such instances, they often forget to mention their high annual percentage rates.
It might not make sense, but believe me, consumers with worse credit and more chances of failing to repay their loans have more chances of being approved for the loans. You will be required to pay high-interest rates unless you have an admirable credit score. In addition, most of the personal loans are unsecured. What do I mean? They will not be in a position to recover your assets when you fail to repay their loans.…

What Causes Rental to be So High

A person is not just imagining things, the cost of rent is on the rise. It seems that rent is very high these days. There are some reasons why the cost of renting is so high. The cost of rent is rising faster than wages. On average a person needs to make almost $23 an hour to afford a two-bedroom rental. Even people with the medium income struggle to afford their rent each month.

Great Recession Lead to Rental Market Trouble

When the recess began in 2007 the prices of houses feel. This caused chaos for both homeowners and renters. Foreclosure rates were high and many homeowners were turned into renters. Many millennials had to rent instead of purchasing their first home. New construction all but stopped. There was a demand for rental properties which lead to an increase in the price. Rental units are not being built as fast as the demand is for these units. Six million possible homeowners are still renting. The baby boomer generation is looking to retire and sell their homes. They will enter the rental market. People with lower incomes are not being approved for a home mortgage and the only other option is to rent. If a person has to rent a place at a high price they are not able to save for a home and this leads to further trouble. The demand for rental units is still high allowing the price to be high.

Costs of Building Homes

There has been an increase in building for luxury apartment buildings. There are not too many homes or apartments being built for people with a medium income. There is also a shorted of skilled construction workers all over the country which is slowing down the building process. The prices of materials such as lumber have increase as well as steel and aluminum. Since it is more expensive to build new units the cost for apartments is going to rise to make up the difference.

Lawmakers Did Not Fix the Problems

The government has not yet fixed the problem to make and improve programs to make homeownership affordable for the average person. The Department of Housing and Urban Development has not yet addressed these problems. Zoning restriction laws also prevent new apartment buildings from being constructed. States can address this problem as well. Oregon was the first state to develop a rent control law capping how much rent can increase each year and the law makes it harder for the landlord to evict people. New York is also looking to pass a similar law. Three-quarters of the population is willing to vote for a president that will fix the housing crisis and will help people be able to afford home once again.

Rent is expensive but if a person cannot afford to purchase a home they may not have another option. Due to the high demand for rental properties, there is an increase in the prices of rent and the percentage of their income people need to pay to live.…