Privacy Policy

Zombie Survival Wiki  for the Advancement of Science is committed to protecting the safety of our users. This policy provides the information required under the General Data Protection Regulation, which includes:

Personal information

Personal data includes any information that is identified with a natural person that can be identified by an identifier, for example, a name or social factors for this individual.

Contact information

In some regions of Zombie Survival Wiki and websites, we require or may require you to provide personal information, including your name, address, email address, and telephone number.

Personal information we collect

When visiting Zombie Survival Wiki and sites, there are four types of information you can provide. This includes contact information you choose to disclose on purpose. For example, you may like to disclose shipping information when you join or buy; demographic data or other information about you; and specific information we collect and cooperate with our sites.

Buyer information

In some regions of Zombie Survival Wikis, we require or may require you to provide your credit card number, contact information, and shipping information.

Specialized information

We also collect or collect certain information about your use of our site, like what areas you go and the sections you access. Also, there is information about computers and programming that we collect or collect. This information may include, without restrictions, your IP address, type of program, names of spaces, access times, and speeches of reference sites. Some of this data is collected via treats.

Demographic information

In different regions, we collect or collect demographic information, for example, your age, professional status, and system, preferences, sexual orientation, educational certificates, ethnic base, interests, and salary of a family unit. Sometimes, we collect or collect a variety of types of information. The instances of regions in Zombie Survival Wiki website where we gather, can or solicit personal, demographic, and personal data are pages to which you can join to use a service, publish a curriculum, participate in a challenge or buy an item.

Use of personal information.

Zombie Survival Wiki may use the information collected to provide you with the materials you request, improve the Zombie Survival Wiki websites, foster a positive customer experience, and transfer the products and services we provide.

We may also apply the details we collect to shed light on the various products or services that can be accessed from Zombie Survival Wiki websites. We can decide to contact you to find out your assessment of existing products and services or possible new products and services that may be announced.

We may use your contact information to send you emails, postal mails, or various communications related to Zombie Survival Wiki updates and scientific websites, for example, job alerts, publications, new opportunities, and additional publications that may be of interest to you. We may also apply it to send info about external products and services that match your preferences and preferences if you choose these communications. The frequency of these pieces of information will change depending on the information we have about you.

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