Terms of Service

It can be explained as a legitimate agreement between the individual or company consenting to the terms of service and any relevant contracting entities: https://www.logmeininc.com/legal/contracting-entities/. For you to be able to accept the terms, sign an order and use the services you have to prove that you are of legitimate age and have the power to bind the client to the order, set terms and any service description accessible at http://www.zombiesurvivalwiki.com.

Access and Use of Services

Right to use services happens once you consent to utilize the services posted on the sites as per the utilization levels measured on levels of cost and services offered. By utilizing our services you concede to the sake of yourself, your clients and any participant not to change, transmit through the system unlawful material and share information with an outsider. For proper caution, we maintain all the authority to upgrade, improve or change highlights of our services. We don’t lessen or suspend any services except if we give you earlier written notification. Extra functionality is offered to our standard services at an extra expense.  For proprietary rights and LogMeIn mark, you consent that we hold all restrictive right, Title and enthusiasm for the services, protected innovation rights and upgrades.

Order Fees and Payment

All orders are viable before the date you present it or at the date you sign the order. Orders acknowledgement is dependent upon our check and credit endorsement process and each order is treated separately. Any installments made for use or  access to the services are conclusive and non-refundable not unless there is an exception. Sales, promotional offers coupons and pricing are not permanent and may lapse upon the reestablishment of your membership. For fee dispute, the notification should be made to us within 15 days of the receipt date. Failure to pay undisputed charges amounts to suspension and you consent to repay us for every expense and costs brought about in gathering reprobate sums. You are obligated to pay all taxes applicable based on the services rendered.

Term and Termination

The renewal terms are renewed every 12 months which is specified once you purchase services. For non-renewal 30 days notice should be given by either party or termination can be effected when either of the party breaches the terms. Once the termination is effected your account is either changed to basic or free and only upon the request can you access to the services.

Your Content and Accounts

You have the right to own all your content but we can change distribute or print it to operate the services.  Your account is kept secure and we are not liable for any loss that you may incur as a result of the loss of information to unauthorized access.

Compliance with Laws

Under the agreement, both parties have a sole responsibility to comply with the set laws in relations to performance, access and utilization of the services. Non-compliance may amount to termination of the agreement.


The use of services is at your own risks and we are not liable for any risk incurred. We only warrant that services will be effective under normal use.

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