HDB EC Owners Looking at Profits When they Sell Their Property

When the time comes for you to sell your HDB EC property, you are likely looking to maximize your profit. Many EC owners look to cash out right after the MOP or move to a larger unit or a more convenient location. Others might decide to downgrade to an HDB unit to save more money. Other sellers are retirees who want to unlock some cash that they can invest in other assets.

ECs are a hybrid between public and private housing

ECs, or executive condominiums, were introduced in 1996 as a hybrid between public and private housing. They are designed to cater to the sandwich class of home buyers, with prices above that of HDB flats, but similar in design to private condos. ECs can be purchased by Singapore citizens or foreigners who are forming a family unit. In order to purchase an EC, buyers must complete a Minimum Occupation Period of five years before selling it in the open market. After 10 years, the ECs will be fully privatised.

ECs offer a mix of public and private housing options, but the government is not planning to privatise all ECs. It plans to sell land reserved for EC sites to private developers at subsidised prices. Because of the government’s intervention in the private property market, the price of a new EC is much lower than that of a private condominium. Furthermore, buyers can avail of Central Provident Fund grants to purchase an EC.

They attract buyers who are mostly HDB upgraders

Many HDB EC owners are finding it hard to get a good price for their property. As resale prices are falling, selling your current HDB flat will require additional time and work. As such, it is important to have patience in selling your HDB flat. You can start by going through the asking price lists and try to find the most reasonable price for your property. This way, you can avoid missing out on your dream HDB unit. Furthermore, the proceeds from the sale will allow you to upgrade to a new HDB apartment without paying ABSD.

A key advantage of selling an HDB EC property is that they are priced lower compared to private condominiums in the same vicinity. The high demand for new ECs is also a factor. Aside from being cheaper than HDB-owned private condos, the additional buyer’s and seller’s stamp duty is not applicable. Buyers also enjoy deferred payment options. In addition, EC developers have begun to introduce features that are more appealing to buyers.

They are more affordable than HDB ECs

If you’re planning to buy a new home, you’re probably wondering if HDB ECs are cheaper than HDB resale flats. ECs are basically HDB properties, but they have a few differences. First, they’re built in cheaper land areas, usually on the outskirts of the city and far from MRT and bus interchanges. Secondly, ECs can only be purchased by Singapore citizens and Permanent Residents. In addition, HDB loans are only available to “direct” HDB buyers, and you’ll have to borrow from a bank. This means that the maximum amount of loan for an EC is 75% of the value of the property.

Another key difference is ABSD payment. ABSD is required when upgrading from an HDB flat to a private one, but an EC buyer does not have to pay it upfront. They can also use ABSD funds towards the purchase price of the new EC. Another advantage of ECs is that you can continue to live in the old HDB flat while waiting for the new one to be completed. However, if you want to take advantage of ABSD deductibility, you must sell your existing HDB flat within six months after taking possession of the new EC.

They are a good choice for family nucleus

If you’re considering buying an EC, it’s best to keep some important things in mind. First, ECs are usually located in areas with lower land prices, usually on the outskirts of the city. They are also usually not close to MRT stations or bus interchanges. Second, an EC doesn’t qualify for HDB loans, so you’ll need to get a bank loan for it. You can expect to borrow around 75% of the property’s value, which can be quite a bit.

Another important factor to consider is the income requirements. The EC is more expensive than the average HDB apartment, and the income ceiling for an owner is higher. A family can earn up to $16,000 a month in this type of property. In addition, ECs are also subject to rental and selling restrictions.

Selling EC after 10 years to get highest profit margin

HDB has set a new ceiling on the income threshold for selling HDB executive condominiums (ECs) after 10 years. After 11 September 2019, this ceiling will rise to $16,000 per month. An EC is a unit purchased directly from the property developer at a heavily subsidised price, but it still boasts many features of a private condominium.

However, it’s important to note that selling your EC after ten years is not guaranteed to yield a higher profit margin. Although most ECs appreciate over this period, the profit margin can vary widely. It depends on a variety of factors, such as the market trends, the circumstances at which the EC was launched, and when it was fully privatised.…

Buying an Executive Condominium from HDB in Singapore

Before buying an Executive Condominium (EC), you need to find out what you can expect. This type of condo is a good choice for those who are on a budget, but there are some strings attached. To make sure you’re getting the best deal possible, consider reading this article.

ECs are a hybrid between private and public housing

Executive condominiums (ECs) are a type of property that is a hybrid between private and public housing in the country. They are initially considered public housing, but transition to private property after a certain number of years. Typically, an EC has a 99-year lease. ECs were first introduced by the government in 1999, replacing HDB flats. They offer the same facilities and amenities as private condos.

Most ECs have 99-year leaseholds, which means that prices are more affordable for end-consumers. Additionally, the Singapore government subsidizes the land price, allowing end-consumers to pay below break-even. In the case of ECs in Bishan, a private condominium, the price of an EC is approximately double that of an HDB.

ECs can be a great option for many people. Compared to private condominiums, ECs are more affordable, and the price gap between a private condo and an EC will narrow over the course of five years. Furthermore, ECs are no longer subject to HDB restrictions regarding selling after the 10th year. In addition, ECs can be sold to foreigners. This makes ECs a great investment vehicle for Singaporeans and PRs alike.

They are cheaper than private condos

HDB Executive Condominiums (ECs) offer many of the same benefits as private condominiums, but are much cheaper. They are a great option for young Singaporeans who want to own private properties without breaking the bank. While prices for private condominiums have skyrocketed in recent years, executive condominiums still remain a great choice for many buyers.

There are many advantages of executive condominiums, but they come with their share of risks. If you are a single person with a low income, you may find that it is not worth buying an HDB executive condo if the combined income of you and your partner does not exceed $16K. A five-room flat in prime locations could cost upwards of $1 million.

Executive Condominiums are regulated by government regulations. For example, if you buy an EC, you will have to rent or sell it out to a Singaporean citizen or permanent resident for at least five years. After that, you can sell it to a buyer of your choice. It is also possible to qualify for a CPF Housing Grant of $30000 for first time buyers.

They are a good buy

There are several important considerations to make before buying an executive condominium in Singapore. The first is to make sure that you are eligible to buy. To qualify, your total household income must be below $16,000 per month. Secondly, you must meet the requirements set by HDB. These include your citizenship and housing status. If you meet these requirements, you can expect to receive a Letter of Offer in a few weeks.

Second, ECs are cheaper than regular HDB flats. Moreover, they are available for sale to Singapore citizens or Permanent Residents. The ECs are also a good investment because they are located in central areas. This means that they are a great buy when you are looking for an investment property.

The cost of ECs is considerably cheaper than private condos, but they have many of the same amenities. Additionally, they are sold at a discounted price in the resale market, which means that they can prove to be a good investment over time. Finally, ECs are usually cheaper than HDB flats, as the construction and land costs are lower. Hence, an EC can be an excellent buy if you are looking for a condo in Singapore.

There are some strings attached

While there are many benefits to buying an EC, there are also some limitations. The first one is that ECs are only available to Singapore citizens and permanent residents. There are also certain conditions that need to be met, including meeting the 5-year Minimum Occupancy Period. Additionally, an EC may only be sold to Singapore citizens or PRs, unless it is fully privatised.

One of the biggest benefits of buying an executive condominium is that it is a bargain property in Singapore. If you are willing to live in it for at least 5 years, you can expect to reap significant capital gains. Another perk is that you will be able to sell your unit to a larger pool of prospective buyers. Moreover, rental yields for such a property are very similar to those of a private condo.

ECs are considered HDB properties during their first decade. In addition, you will be required to comply with the rules and regulations of the HDB. These include the five-year Minimum Occupation Period (MOP), which requires you to live in your EC for five years. Unlike HDB flats, ECs are not fully privatised until the tenth year, after which you can sell them in the open market.…

Former Kensington Park Condo Near to Serangoon MRT Nex Shopping Mall

Former Kensington Park Condo is a new condominium project with unobstructed landed views. The design is influenced by nature and aims to bring residents closer to nature. If you are looking for a new home in Serangoon, this project might be a great option for you.

One Rosyth, Former Kensington Park Condo is an ideal location for residents who are seeking for an urban lifestyle with convenience and connectivity. The development is near the Serangoon MRT interchange, where one can access the Circle Line and the North-East Line. This development is also accessible through the Central Expressway and the Kallang-Paya Lebar Expressway. It is near several amenities, including the NEX Shopping Mall.

One Rosyth is an EC in the Serangoon district, just 540 metres away from the Serangoon MRT station. The development is also near the Hougang 1 community mall and the nearby Rosyth school. The development is close to the Serangoon Gardens landed estate and the Serangoon MRT.

Regentville is a 99-year leasehold condominium that was completed in 2000. The development is even closer to Rosyth School than Affinity At Serangoon. The development offers many amenities and features. Residents enjoy the proximity to a variety of transport nodes and a good school system. Residents can also easily access nearby retail outlets, restaurants, and other facilities. Regentville’s average resale price is around $700 psf, which is similar to that of other properties in District 19.

Located near the Nex Shopping Mall, the Regentville Former Kensington Park Condo is within walking distance of several public transportation options. The location of the development makes it accessible to the Circle and North East lines. The condominium is also accessible to the Central Expressway and the Pan-Island Expressway. It is also close to a number of local amenities, such as the Serangoon Public Library, which is located on the rooftop of the NEX shopping mall. Residents can also access board games in the library, which is located just 6 minutes away from the Regentville Former Kensington Park Condo.

Located in Serangoon, Singapore, Terrace at Former Kensington Park Condo is within one kilometre of several major shopping, entertainment, and educational facilities. In addition, residents of this condominium have easy access to nearby supermarkets, F&B outlets, and the Serangoon Gardens Country Club.

The development is within close proximity of Serangoon MRT and Serangoon Bus interchange. You will also find many amenities near the property, including Tavistock Park and the Serangoon Community Club.

Located in Hougang, the Hundred Palms Residences Executive Condominium is one of the newest developments in the area. It will be comprised of nine residential blocks, each with 15 levels of residential units. It will also feature an indoor swimming pool, BBQ pavilions, and a fitness gym. In addition, there will be a carpark at the complex.

This high-rise is close to the city, with access to the Central Expressway and Paya Lebar Expressway. There are also several MRT stations in the vicinity. The SERANGOON MRT Station is 650m away, while the KOVAN MRT Station is 970m away. Within 1.4km of the property, there are several bus stops, such as those along Serangoon North Avenue 1 and Yio Chu Kang Road. Furthermore, residents can also drive to the business and shopping district of Orchard Road in 15 minutes, via the Central Expressway.

The Tavistock Condo, formerly the Kensington Park Condo, is located near Serangoon MRT and the Nex Shopping Mall. This area is also a convenient location for commuting. The condo is within walking distance of both the Serangoon North and Tavistock MRT stations and is within minutes of the shopping centre. Moreover, the area is close to the Serangoon Public Library, which is located on the roof of the NEX shopping mall. The library is open to the public and features a board game group. In just six minutes, residents can be at the library.

Those who own Serangoon Yard may want to consider buying a unit in the new development. This is because Serangoon Yard tenants will most likely want to buy a bigger unit for their children. In addition, the new development is closer to the Rosyth school and the Hougang 1 community mall, which means tenants in Tavistock will be able to walk to these amenities with ease.

If you’re looking for an affordable condo for sale in Serangoon, then you might want to consider the Former Kensington Park Condo near Serangoon North MRT. The development was completed in 1990 and contains 316 units. The property is zoned for residential use under the 2019 Master Plan. There are two access points for the development. One of the entrances is on Kensington Park Drive. It’s near the Serangoon North MRT and nearby amenities.

The property is within the Serangoon Garden Estate, a landed estate close to the Nex shopping mall and the Rosyth School. You can find plenty of F&B outlets and restaurants in the area as well. It’s also close to the Serangoon Gardens Country Club.…

Former JCube Shopping Centre Capital at Jurong East Central by Capitaland

Former JCube Shopping Centre Capital and Jurong East Central Condo

Located at Jurong East, Singapore, the Former JCube Shopping Centre is a modern shopping complex with an ice skating rink, the first Olympic-sized ice rink in the suburbs, and the first IMAX theatre in the suburbs. The building was constructed on the former site of the Jurong Entertainment Centre.

CapitaLand CICT

Located in Jurong East, the Former JCube Shopping Centre is the first IMAX theatre in the suburbs and the home of Singapore’s first Olympic ice rink. It was developed on the site of the Jurong Entertainment Centre and is open daily from 10am to 10pm.

The mall is a mixed development of old and new shops. It is convenient for shopping and is located close to Jurong East MRT station. Besides, the mall features an ice rink and gallery-style spectator seating. In addition, it has an FB page. It is near to the new Jurong East Condo.

The JCube is a 99-year-leasehold commercial property. It occupies a land area of 7,771 square meters. It has a gross floor area of 23,578 square metres. It is a mixed-use development, with retail and residential spaces on the lower levels. This property is near the Chinese Garden and Westgate malls. Besides, it is also near Seven-Day Adventist Kindergarten, IMM BUILDING, and Westgate.

The JCube Shopping Centre is located only 200m from Jurong East MRT station. It is a fun and family-friendly shopping mall, with an Olympic-sized ice-rink, IMAX cinema, and a 460-seat gallery. It is the ideal place for family outings and entertainment, but a mixed-use development might soon replace it.

MCL Land

The JCube is a shopping centre in Jurong East, Singapore. Jurong East Condo is open daily from 10 am to 10 pm and features an IMAX theatre and Singapore’s first Olympic-size ice rink. The mall is located on the site of the former Jurong Entertainment Centre.

The MCL Land-led group has interests in residential and commercial property projects in Singapore and other Asian cities. The company is part of the Jardine Matheson Group, a property investment group, and has built several homes in Singapore and Malaysia over the last 50 years. Other recent launches include the Leedon Green, Parc Esta, and Margaret Ville. In addition, MCL and CDL will continue their joint venture at EC at Tengah Garden Walk.

The Jurong East Central Condo is a new development located near Jurong East MRT station. It features one, two, and four-bedroom units. The complex is close to Jurong Lake Park, Jurong Town Plaza, and Westgate shopping malls. The condominium is also near Jurong Country Park, Jurong Lake Park, Fuhua Primary School, and Yuhua Primary School.


The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) is currently mulling over a proposal to redevelop the former JCube Shopping Centre at Jurong East. This shopping mall is located in Jurong East, near the Jurong East MRT interchange station. Its redevelopment plan is set to include residential apartments over commercial spaces. Its owner, CapitaLand, also owns the nearby Westgate mall and IMM Mall. The mall opened in 2012.

As a former shopping mall, the JCube site will have a high demand for new residential homes. Upon completion, property prices could hit $2,000 per sq ft. This would be higher than the $1,500 to $1,800 per sq ft that private properties in Clementi command.

JCube’s recent redevelopment plans will also include a mixed-use residential component and will likely fetch up to $2000 per sq ft. The JCube site is the only one in Singapore with a skating rink. Its lease will expire in Mar 2023.


Former JCube Shopping Centre in Jurong East is now an up-and-coming residential project. This development is located in the heart of the suburbs and is open daily from 10 am to 10 pm. It is also home to Singapore’s first Olympic-size ice skating rink and the first IMAX cinema in the suburbs.

It is also near the Jurong East MRT station and bus interchange. It offers a plethora of retail, dining and entertainment options, and a 460-seat gallery. Buying a unit at the Former JCube Shopping Centre could be a smart investment if you have a family or want to live near a fun entertainment hub.

CICT, a real estate investment trust, has 23 properties across Singapore and Australia, with 96 percent of its portfolio located here. The investment firm also recently made an entry into the Australian market by purchasing three assets in December. The former JCube Shopping Centre has a land area of 7,771 square metres and a gross floor area of 23,578 square feet.…

New EC at Tengah Town Featuring 42,000 New Homes Near to Tengah MRT Station

If you’re looking to live in a prime location in the city, consider the Tengah EC. This upcoming residential district will be home to about 42,000 new homes. It is located near three upcoming MRT stations and will feature a 20-hectare Central Park. It also offers a low entry-price plot. The property’s proximity to the city’s business district and upcoming MRT stations make it an ideal location for young professionals, couples, and families.

When complete, the Tengah EC is expected to have about 42,000 brand new homes. The new town will have five household districts surrounded by a pond and Central Park. It will also have a new town center and sports hub, and it will have new-generation HDB neighbourhood centres that will cater to the needs of residents. A new health care facility will also be built in the town centre.

The Tengah EC will be spread over 700 hectares and will be near the upcoming Tengah MRT station. The town will also have separated pedestrian roads and a bike-friendly environment. Residents will also have easy access to public transportation, and there will be plenty of outdoor space to enjoy. The proposed EC will be near the Tengah MRT station and the Pan-I and Kranji Expressway.

The residential units will sell for $1,190 to $1,250 psf. The development will be spread across 12 blocks that are up to 14 storeys. The development will also have a sports centre, bus interchange, and polyclinic. It will be located 2km from the EC site and is within walking distance of Princess Elizabeth Primary School and Shuqun Primary School.

The central location of Tengah EC provides a wealth of amenities for residents and business owners. The development is adjacent to a bus interchange, a sports centre, eateries, and retail spaces. The Tengah EC site will also be connected to future MRT stations, including the Jurong Region Line. Tengah EC is also expected to be a car-free town centre, which will be an additional benefit for tenants.

The Tengah EC Site Plan offers convenient access to the city centre, the Jurong Innovation District, and the Central Business District. The development is also just a short drive away from the Jurong Lake District, the second-largest central business district outside the city center. Tengah EC is also close to a nature reserve, making it a great choice for families with young children.

Future residents can expect to enjoy convenient transport links to Orchard Road. In addition to MRT stations, the development is located near a number of shopping malls and restaurants. Moreover, the condo will feature green infrastructure to reduce pollution. Tengah EC is the first of its kind in the West region. The green infrastructure is expected to improve air quality and reduce waste.

The future is bright for Tengah EC. The development is located near Bukit Batok MRT station. It is also near future high-rise residential sites. It is also accessible via bus interchanges. Moreover, it will be located near Bukit Batok Hillside Park. In short, it is an excellent investment property. In the next few years, Tengah EC will become a prime location in the city.

The new EC will be a mix of affordable housing and high-rise living. The EC will be a mixed-use development with private units reserved for Singaporean citizens. The new development will be near prestigious schools, government land sales, and China University. A 20-hectare Central Park is also planned for the development. Residents will enjoy easy access to public transport, including the MRT. The development’s location is also close to the Tuas Port and Jurong West Industrial Estate.

Aside from the central park, the development will also be located close to the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and other greeneries. It will also be linked to the future Tengah MRT station. In addition, the EC will have a public transport interchange, polyclinic, and sports centre. Tengah EC will also be close to the Princess Elizabeth Primary School, which is rated as the best primary school in Singapore.

The development will also feature a 100m-wide forest corridor and a 20-hectare Central Park. The EC will feature a central park, as well as an amphitheatre, and community farmlands. The project will also include a 20-hectare Central Park, which will be integrated with water bodies to create a continuous, uninterrupted stretch of greenery around the town centre. When it reaches critical mass, the development will be the first HDB town centre that does not have a single car in its core.

The Tengah EC is one of the first condominiums to be launched in the area. ECs have been a popular investment option as they tend to be cheaper than private condos, especially those with subsidies. As a bonus, the entry price of an EC is low, meaning the buyer can enjoy greater capital appreciation after five years. The ECs also come with government grants and subsidies, making them a great choice for first-time buyers.

The Tengah EC site plan is expansive, encompassing a total site area of 22,020 sq m. When complete, the development will include 620 units of private housing, spread over twelve blocks of up to fourteen storeys. The location is perfect for those who want to live in a car-free neighbourhood, as it is close to three MRT stations. This also makes it convenient for families with children.

The Tengah EC site is the first Executive Condo project in Tengah. It is located in the Garden District of the Tengah Estate and is expected to be completed within four years. The project will comprise 12 blocks, each of which will contain eight to fourteen storeys, and will contain a total of 628 units. The development will also feature generous landscaping, public lush green landscapes, and family-oriented amenities.

A new development located near the CBD, Tengah EC will feature largely green infrastructure and smart condominiums. The development is committed to sustainability and smart design, and will be car-lite, meaning that it will not only feature environmentally-friendly features, but …