New EC at Tengah Town Featuring 42,000 New Homes Near to Tengah MRT Station

If you’re looking to live in a prime location in the city, consider the Tengah EC. This upcoming residential district will be home to about 42,000 new homes. It is located near three upcoming MRT stations and will feature a 20-hectare Central Park. It also offers a low entry-price plot. The property’s proximity to the city’s business district and upcoming MRT stations make it an ideal location for young professionals, couples, and families.

When complete, the Tengah EC is expected to have about 42,000 brand new homes. The new town will have five household districts surrounded by a pond and Central Park. It will also have a new town center and sports hub, and it will have new-generation HDB neighbourhood centres that will cater to the needs of residents. A new health care facility will also be built in the town centre.

The Tengah EC will be spread over 700 hectares and will be near the upcoming Tengah MRT station. The town will also have separated pedestrian roads and a bike-friendly environment. Residents will also have easy access to public transportation, and there will be plenty of outdoor space to enjoy. The proposed EC will be near the Tengah MRT station and the Pan-I and Kranji Expressway.

The residential units will sell for $1,190 to $1,250 psf. The development will be spread across 12 blocks that are up to 14 storeys. The development will also have a sports centre, bus interchange, and polyclinic. It will be located 2km from the EC site and is within walking distance of Princess Elizabeth Primary School and Shuqun Primary School.

The central location of Tengah EC provides a wealth of amenities for residents and business owners. The development is adjacent to a bus interchange, a sports centre, eateries, and retail spaces. The Tengah EC site will also be connected to future MRT stations, including the Jurong Region Line. Tengah EC is also expected to be a car-free town centre, which will be an additional benefit for tenants.

The Tengah EC Site Plan offers convenient access to the city centre, the Jurong Innovation District, and the Central Business District. The development is also just a short drive away from the Jurong Lake District, the second-largest central business district outside the city center. Tengah EC is also close to a nature reserve, making it a great choice for families with young children.

Future residents can expect to enjoy convenient transport links to Orchard Road. In addition to MRT stations, the development is located near a number of shopping malls and restaurants. Moreover, the condo will feature green infrastructure to reduce pollution. Tengah EC is the first of its kind in the West region. The green infrastructure is expected to improve air quality and reduce waste.

The future is bright for Tengah EC. The development is located near Bukit Batok MRT station. It is also near future high-rise residential sites. It is also accessible via bus interchanges. Moreover, it will be located near Bukit Batok Hillside Park. In short, it is an excellent investment property. In the next few years, Tengah EC will become a prime location in the city.

The new EC will be a mix of affordable housing and high-rise living. The EC will be a mixed-use development with private units reserved for Singaporean citizens. The new development will be near prestigious schools, government land sales, and China University. A 20-hectare Central Park is also planned for the development. Residents will enjoy easy access to public transport, including the MRT. The development’s location is also close to the Tuas Port and Jurong West Industrial Estate.

Aside from the central park, the development will also be located close to the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and other greeneries. It will also be linked to the future Tengah MRT station. In addition, the EC will have a public transport interchange, polyclinic, and sports centre. Tengah EC will also be close to the Princess Elizabeth Primary School, which is rated as the best primary school in Singapore.

The development will also feature a 100m-wide forest corridor and a 20-hectare Central Park. The EC will feature a central park, as well as an amphitheatre, and community farmlands. The project will also include a 20-hectare Central Park, which will be integrated with water bodies to create a continuous, uninterrupted stretch of greenery around the town centre. When it reaches critical mass, the development will be the first HDB town centre that does not have a single car in its core.

The Tengah EC is one of the first condominiums to be launched in the area. ECs have been a popular investment option as they tend to be cheaper than private condos, especially those with subsidies. As a bonus, the entry price of an EC is low, meaning the buyer can enjoy greater capital appreciation after five years. The ECs also come with government grants and subsidies, making them a great choice for first-time buyers.

The Tengah EC site plan is expansive, encompassing a total site area of 22,020 sq m. When complete, the development will include 620 units of private housing, spread over twelve blocks of up to fourteen storeys. The location is perfect for those who want to live in a car-free neighbourhood, as it is close to three MRT stations. This also makes it convenient for families with children.

The Tengah EC site is the first Executive Condo project in Tengah. It is located in the Garden District of the Tengah Estate and is expected to be completed within four years. The project will comprise 12 blocks, each of which will contain eight to fourteen storeys, and will contain a total of 628 units. The development will also feature generous landscaping, public lush green landscapes, and family-oriented amenities.

A new development located near the CBD, Tengah EC will feature largely green infrastructure and smart condominiums. The development is committed to sustainability and smart design, and will be car-lite, meaning that it will not only feature environmentally-friendly features, but also will be accessible by public transportation and free of charge parking. With its unique location, the development is positioned for convenience for both residents and visitors.

A car-lite town centre is a key aspect of the development, and will be a major advantage for residents. In addition to the car-lite design, the development will feature a pedestrian-friendly, bike-friendly town centre. Tengah EC’s location makes it a convenient location for shoppers, as well as businesses. With access to public transportation and free parking, residents can walk to the many shops and restaurants in the area.

Located just 30 minutes from the city, Tengah EC offers residents and visitors easy access to the Central Business District and other destinations in the area. The development is also close to the Jurong Innovation District, which aims to become the world’s premier hub for advanced manufacturing and innovation. Other nearby developments include the Jurong Lake District and Taurus Properties’ proposed business parks.

This new development in the western region of Singapore will be the first car-lite town centre in the area. It will feature green features and smart technologies that will make living easier for residents. Located near the Central Business District, this development will provide new homes for Singaporeans. With its convenient location, the development will complement the city’s other developments, such as the Jurong Innovation District and Jurong Lake.

The new EC in Tengah Town will be developed by MCL Land, a leading property group in Singapore and Malaysia. The company has an extensive portfolio of prime residential properties in both Singapore and Malaysia. Tengah EC will feature green modes of transportation to reduce the carbon footprint of residents. This is in line with the government’s goal of reducing greenhouse gases. The project will also feature a new garden walk that incorporates green architecture and sustainable practices.

The EC is expected to launch in 2022 and is located at Bukit Batok West Avenue 8. HDB is conducting a public tender to sell land for the project. The EC will have a central park, a network of cycling and walking paths, and a number of amenities for residents. The price of land in the development area is expected to be around $650 per square foot.

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